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By Jie W. Weiss, David J. Weiss

Ward Edwards is celebrated because the father of behavioral determination making. In his 1954 mental Bulletin paper on selection making, he introduced mental principles into what were the province of economists. His impact during this realm is so pervasive that the Nobel committee was once capable of hint an immediate direction from Edwards's paintings to Daniel Kahneman's 2002 Prize for prospect idea. In a 1963 mental evaluate paper, Edwards introduced Bayesian records to the eye of psychologists, who've persisted to proliferate Bayesian principles, underscoring the significance of the viewpoint. In a 1962 IEEE paper, Edwards foresaw how the realm of intelligence amassing and research may by means of remodeled via structures during which people supplied (subjective) percentages and machines supplied computational strength. He additionally confirmed, in a 1986 ebook written with Detlof von Winterfeldt, how multiattribute application research may possibly support real-world choice makers generate passable recommendations to complicated problems.

during this ebook, 29 of Ward Edwards's most vital released papers are reprinted, a range that spans six many years, permitting the reader to determine how this strikingly inventive philosopher generated a few of the principles which are now middle ideals between present researchers. it's might be much less popular that Edwards persisted to make large contributions throughout the years after his retirement. affliction diminished his public appearances, yet he persevered his incisive considering behind the curtain. on the time of his passing, he used to be excited by a number of initiatives, and 7 new papers from those tasks have been accomplished for this e-book via his final set of collaborators.

Edwards's papers are a deal with to learn. His prose is the version of stylish simplicity, but jam-packed with kind and wit. With every one paper, the editors have incorporated a quick creation that offers Edwards's reflections at the content material or impression of the older papers, or describes the construction of the recent ones. Obituaries written by way of former scholars and co-workers flesh out the human aspect of this awesome pupil.

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