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2 . . 50 5 5 MATH MODE Math Mode One can write mathematical expressions by entering math mode, signified by delimiters $. . $ or \[. . \]. The $ delimiter keeps the mathematical expression in the text, like this: A consequence of Einstein’s postulates is that $E = mc^2$. ⇒ A consequence of Einstein’s postulates is that E = mc2 . \] ⇒ A consequence of Einstein’s postulates is that E = mc2 . 1 Mathematical Symbols The example also illustrates the use of the superscript operator, ^. Table 9 shows other common operations in math mode.

In particular, if we want to have every entry in our bib file appear, we specify \nocite{*}. If we want only some particular list of entries to appear, we use \nocite with their labels, such as \nocite{tex} to be sure Knuth’s TEX book appears, even if it is not cited explicitly. bib appear, and that is the entire document! \documentclass[12pt]{article} \begin{document} \nocite{*} \bibliographystyle{plain} \bibliography{mybiblio} \end{document} Figure 32: A Document to Print the Bibliographic Database We can specify more than one bib file, such as: \bibliography{mybiblio,another} The bibtex program will search them sequentially for any citation.

Long to fit on one line of the page. They differ only in the placement of the paragraph box, the latter being at the top to align it with column 2 in the manner shown. When making a column or parbox small, the spacing can become unsightly due to being justified. This is overcome with the flushleft environment. Figures 24 and 25 illustrate this, and note that it contains other commands that can be in any paragraph. } \end{flushleft} } \end{tabular} \end{center} Figure 24: \parbox Source (Result in Figure 25) This is column 1, and I might want to display something: How sweet it is.

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