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By Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki

For Bethanne Saunders, flying Sheikh Rashid al Harum's inner most airplane has its perks. whilst her toes contact the floor it is at the plush carpet of his luxurious palace. And simply being close to stunning Rashid makes her consider on cloud nine!Bethanne has all of the luxurious she will be able to handle--until all of sudden she's promoted to princess! however the surprising rock on her finger is a stark reminder that it is a handy engagement. we all know sheikhs do not fall for usual ladies from Texas....

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It had taken planning and daring. Bethanne’s romantic mind imagined Haile deplaning surreptitiously and finding her lover and both fleeing, whilst her father and his minions followed on horseback. She blinked. Her overactive imagination could get her in trouble. “I’m sorry I can’t help you,” she said, hoping to ease the tension that was as thick as butter. Her primary goal was to deliver the plane, which she’d done. Now all the sheikh had to do was accept the delivery, sign the paperwork and Bethanne could begin her vacation in Quishari while Jess would be flying back to Texas on the next available flight.

We want this to go perfectly. ” She shrugged and then brought the plane down with a kiss against the asphalt. “Nice job,” Jess said. “Thanks. This is a sweetheart of a plane. ” She followed directions from the tower and taxied to an area away from the main terminal. The immaculate hangar was already swarming with ground crew; everyone had eyes on the jet as she pulled it into the designated slot. She and Jess ran through the checklist as they shut down. She wanted to dash out and breathe the Quishari air.

You’re the captain of the aircraft. What goes on is your responsibility. I hold you accountable. ” His dark eyes pinned her in place. His entire demeanor shimmered with anger—controlled, which made it seem even stronger. “How was I suppose to know she didn’t want to come here? ” She would not tell him how romantic she found the scenario. Maybe she hadn’t thought it through if the woman had fled rather than come to Quishari. “Though if I had known the circumstances, maybe I would have questioned whether anyone wanted to be negotiated into a marriage.

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