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10,11''5'16' The greater magnetization of the PZT/CFO/PZT thin films is attributed to the presence of the ferromagnetic CFO layer, even though its volume fraction in the film is relatively small. Figure 3. P-E hysteresis loops of PZT and PZT/CFO/PZT layered thin films: O PZT single-layer thin film crystallized at 700°C (10 coatings) • PZT/CFO/PZT layered thin film* [Frequency of measurement: 1000 Hz] *The applied electric field was corrected according to the thickness of the PZT layers. 2 kOe .

This behavior is characteristic of antiferromagnets and can be changed by introducing a small fraction of rare-earth additives. That will change the magnetic structure of pure bismuth ferrite. A change in the magnetic properties in this case is explained not only by different magnetic moments and ion radii of lanthanum (the La atom does not possess any intrinsic magnetic moment), but also by the anisotropy of the magnetic moments of lanthanum ions. Further studies are required to understand the magnetic behaviour of this compound.

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