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By Richard A. Spritz, Vincent J. Hearing Jr. (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

From stories of past volumes within the series: 'Extremely valuable...thoroughly recommended.'-Annals of Human Genetics 'The such a lot lucid and stimulating discussions of the subject to be chanced on anywhere.'-American Scientist

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The murine Splotch locus was mapped to chromosome I, in a region that is homologous to part of human chromosome 2q , and the mouse Sp2H mutation was then found to consist of a deletion in the paired box domain of Pax -3 (Epstein PA X OCT HOX N UilliliITD__---'~ c ..... • • • Waardenburg Syndrome Type I Waardenburg Syndrome Type II Waardenburg Syndrome Type III Fig. 5. Locations of known PAX3 gene mutations assoc iated with Waardenburg syndro me. The paired box domain (PAX), conserved octapeptide (OCT).

As shown in Table III and Fig. 3, these abnormalities include partial gene deletions, two small in-frame deletions, three frameshifts , one splice junction mutation , twelve missense substitutions, and one double missense substitution. Although none of these mutations are strongly predominant, we have observed the V443I substitution in several Caucasian and black patients, suggesting that this may be a relatively prevalent mutant allele . Interestingly, we have found abnormalities of the P gene in only 6 of 14 Caucasian patients with "tyrosinase-positive DCA," none of whom have mutations in their TYR genes (unpublished data).

1993) identified an additional missense mutation, N47H, in a family with so-called WS3, demonstrating that WSI and WS3 are allelic; these clinically distinct disorders result from different abnormalities of PAX3. By genet ic linkage analysis of 41 families, Farrer and coworkers (1992) determined that mutations at the WSllocus on distal chromosome 2, apparently the PAX3 gene , account for about half of cases of WSI. This implies the existence of at least one additional gene for WSI located elsewhere in the genome.

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