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Insect body structure is presently present process a revolution with the elevated program of molecular organic recommendations to enquire the molecular mechanisms underlying the physiological responses to insect cells.Advances in Insect body structure is commited to publishing top of the range studies on molecular biology and molecular genetics in components the place they supply an elevated realizing of physiological procedures in bugs. quantity 26 of this vintage seriescontinues to supply up to date reports on topical matters of value to all invertebrate physiologists and neurobiologists and comprises elevated insurance at the molecular biology of insect body structure.

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There are two major processes which are influenced by hormones: the development and differentiation of the glandular tissue and the control of the secretory process. While the male accessory glands in many insects are fully differentiated at adult eclosion, this is not always the case. In general, the process of differentiation is under the control of ecdysone. For a fuller discussion of the role of accessory glands, and of the control of their development and differentiation, the reader is referred to other reviews (Davey, 1985; Gillott and Gaines, 1992; Happ, 1984, 1992; Kaulenas, 1992).

In females allatectomized by beheading, activation of oothecal protein synthesis by removal of the ootheca was prevented, and it could be restored by implantation of CA. Most interestingly, when synthesis of RNA and protein were assayed simultaneously during a brief incubation with [3H]uridineand [14C]glycine,RNA synthesis was stimulated as early as 1-2 h after removal of the ootheca, while an effect upon protein synthesis was first observed at 6 h. Incorporation of uridine into the soluble nucleotide pool was also elevated early, and Zalokar (1968) suggested that the CA hormone might stimulate nucleoside phosphorylation, but it seems that the observed effect could be a secondary consequence of activated transcription.

1982). YP synthesis in the ovary appears to be under the control of JH alone, and is thus different from the control in the fat body in Drosophila, where both JH and ecdysone stimulate Vg synthesis (Handler and Postlethwait, 1977; Postlethwait and Handler, 1979; Jowett and Postlethwait, 1980). Proteins other than YP are also synthesized by the ovary. Several studies have identified a histidine-richprotein synthesized by the follicle cells as follicle cell product (FCP). , 1981a). Nevertheless, there are proteins which are synthesized by the follicle cells, secreted into the interfollicular spaces and taken up by the developing oocyte (Telfer et al.

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