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C) Control preparation; the same human LDL as in B, but mixed with a sample of LCP that has been preincubated with chondroitinase AC. x 43,875. 1 fan. 2% protein, is highly sulfated, and appears to be made of a 3-to-l ratio of C-6-S to C-4-S and some heparan sulfate. Because the purpose of the isolation scheme was to prepare an aggregate, no dissociating agents were used; instead, a combination of differential centrifugation, gel exclusion chromatography, and preparative electrophoresis was used.

If it were not for this, the detection of insoluble precipitates would have been very difficult. Now we know that arterial proteoglycans are more effective than glycosaminoglycans for forming insoluble complexes with LDL. Second, hypercholesterolemic rabbit VLDL is a cholesterol ester-rich 0-lipoprotein that readily forms associations with rabbit and human arterial proteoglycans (Camejo et ai, 1974, 1975). Amenta and Waters observed that the insoluble precipitates formed are dissociable with high-ionic-strength solutions.

These findings indicate that the interpretation of results from experiments that are designed to evaluate the metabolism of GAG or PG is complicated by differential cell contributions and the existence of several metabolic compartments in which specific PG and GAG are being synthesized, and probably catabolized, at dissimilar rates. The synthesis of GAG in third-passage aortic smooth muscle cells that were initially obtained from normal and atherosclerotic rabbits was reported by Pietila et al.

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