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{O, I}, a branching program A over X computes the Boolean value A(a) in the following way: (i) A starts the computation on a (ii) If A is in a vertex labeled by a the edge labeled by a (x) to the (iii) If A reaches a sink, then A( a) in its source.

N D In this book we use log n to denote the binary logarithm log2 nand In n = loge n to denote the natural logarithm. The equalities of the following exercise provide the elementary rules for working with logarithmic functions. 13. Prove, for all positive reals a, b, c and n, 34 2 Elementary Fundamentals o In algorithmics we work with functions from IN to IN in order to measure complexity according to the input size. Here, we are often concerned with how the complexity (running time, for instance) increases with the input size in the limit as the size of the input increases without bound.

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