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By Poulomi Mukherjee

A contemporary retelling of the story that has been advised to generations for lots of centuries now.

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Reloaded

A latest retelling of the story that has been informed to generations for lots of centuries now.

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My father and Aunt Suraiya would love to meet you. 52 Why must God do this? He was such a good, innocent man. I feel like I’ve lost a family member. It so happens that it’s my birthday the day after tomorrow. Why don’t you come to my home at around seven? I’ll have a car sent over to your hotel. Oh, that would be wonderful! I’d very much like to meet Qasim’s brother. He never stopped talking about him. This is going to be easier than I expected! No trouble convincing him at all! Oh, Omar, I’m glad to see Qasim was surrounded by such loving people in his last years.

Forty Blades. 59 But Marjeena’s dance was not as innocent as it appeared to be. Swaying hypnotically, she moved through the crowd, entrancing all those who watched... until, moving gracefully across the floor, she found herself in front of Vladimir. 60 I say, what a performance, eh! Forty Blades! Oh my–– Wha–– Look underneath his headscarf. This is the same crook who tried to kill us once before! So it is! Your game’s up, tough guy. You’re going straight to prison now! 61 I’d better call the police.

But little did he know that this was the opportunity Vladimir had been waiting for. 44 Vladimir had planned it all with his gang, right down to the very last detail. Have you counted the barrels? Yes, boss. There are forty of them. Good. I hope everyone knows what to do. Nobody moves until I give the word. Yes, boss. Now call them all and tell them to take their places. Take your positions! 45 Vladimir‘s plan was nefarious. He arranged for the thirty-nine men to hide in the barrels. The remaining barrel he filled with salt, in case someone inspected the container.

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