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Forgive me for not rising, Sire,’ he whispered. ‘Rest yourself. Tell me, if you can summon up the strength, what happened in the wood? A blow on the head sent me staggering into the bushes. ’ De Tornebu related the events of the ambush and how Sir William des Preaux had gallantly declared himself as the King in order that Richard might be given time to escape. ’ De Tornebu drifted off into sleep again. The King nodded and turned to walk back to his throne. ‘Good friends indeed. ’ The Doctor bowed slightly as the King seated himself.

But we cannot stop the landslides, for we are roped completely to Time and must be led by it. ’ asked Vicki. ’ smiled the Doctor. ‘It wouldn’t have any effect. ’ suggested Barbara. The Doctor shook his head. ‘But Hitler wasn’t assassinated in 1930, was he? No, Barbara, it would be impossible. ’ ‘Then we can never die on Earth,’ said Ian. The Doctor said, ‘We do not have everlasting lives, my friend. Of course we can die on Earth or anywhere else, just as we can catch colds or suffer burns. ’ The Doctor leaned forward and, as he did so, a part of his face slipped into a shadow.

Musicians filled the streets with melodies, tumblers and acrobats delighted the eye with their speed and dexterity. Sailors from the ships in the harbour drank the local wine of Jaffa and added laughter to the many other sounds. Merchants from Pisa, Venice and Genoa talked and treated, traded and made bargains and most of all, in all this motley mass of humanity, the fighting men from Europe mingled in and were the greatest number. Fine-nosed Austrians, strong-jawed Germans and well-set Frenchmen all laughed and walked, drank and talked with the men of Kent, Cornishmen, Welshmen, men from Yorkshire and Lancashire, the Englishmen who called Richard their King.

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