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By W Wolfram and B Ward

American Voices is a set of brief, readable descriptions of assorted American dialects, written by way of best researchers within the box. written by means of most sensible researchers within the box and comprises Southern English, New England speech, Chicano English, Appalachian English, Canadian English, and California English, between many others attention-grabbing examine the whole variety of yankee social, ethnic, and nearby dialects written for the lay individual

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One often overlooked aspect of Appalachian English heritage is the dialects’ relationship to Southern English and African American Vernacular English (AAVE). One of the marked speech features of both Appalachian and Southern English speakers of either African or European ancestry is a two-part vowel (diphthong) becoming a single vowel in words like mine (mahn), mile (mahl), and bide (bahd). European-American Appalachian English has been distinctive in the past for having this feature in words such as like, light, and wipe.

Most websites dedicated to the cultivation of a New Orleans identity are allied to tourism and seek to present New Orleans as unique, carnal, and exotic – a place in the United States that even has a high-caloric way of talking the English language. htm), for example, has a section explaining king cake ‘wreath-shaped coffee cake eaten during the Mardi Gras season’, krewe ‘members of a carnival organization’, Mardi Gras ‘Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, season from Twelfth Night through Fat Tuesday’, and many other words pertaining to the season.

In fact, the Civil War began with the firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor on April 12, 1861. But Charleston was also different within the South, dominating the region culturally and economically for almost two centuries. Its vast influence and the inwardness it developed after the Civil War have sometimes led to resentment in the rest of the region. In turn, that may have strengthened Charlestonians’ sense of cultural identity. It is not surprising that the city’s social and cultural prominence should be paralleled by the remarkably distinct character of its dialect.

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