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Critics, the young Henry James among them, attacked her ignorance of the passions of love and the institutions of marriage and mocked the exaggerated quality that characterizes the whole book. This reception deepened Alcott's divisions; and the already wide separation, between her father's image and her mother's, between the juvenile and pulp markets, and between slipshod but respectable hackwork and serious if underground artistry, became irreconcilable. In 1868 she published Little Women, and she dedicated her acknowledged work ever after to her most conventional critics.

If thou wilt not love, I '11 make thee learn to fear the heart thou hast so scornfully cast away. . Thou shalt rue the day when Count Rodolpho asked, and was refused. But I will yet win thee, and then beware! Leonore. Do thy worst, murderer. . (Exit Leonore) Rodolpho. Foiled again! Some demon works against me. 34 I AMERICAN The dramas are youthful studies in the possibilities of excitement. Alcott's first novel, Moods, was originally published in 1864 after the success of Hospital Sketches (1863), a witty and biting report on Alcott's adventures as a nurse during the Civil War.

With their "insatiable hunger for holiness," the peasants—"perfectly spontaneous, self-reliant, colossal in the silent confidence and power of endurance"—might signal a movement toward a sentiment of peace. As for the greatest of Old Testament prophets, his was a trenchant message for the modern instance—the cause of peace rested upon the cause of righteousness. " That was 1906. In 1912, Addams steeled herself and embraced the candidacy of Theodore Roosevelt (gunboats and all) with the prayer that no politician in American life stood so forcefully for all the social justice programs, including women's rights (but hardly including peace).

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