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Second, two stories that would eventually appear in a future collection won awards: “Westland” was selected for inclusion in Pushcart Prize XIV and “Fenstad’s Mother” earned Baxter an appearance in Best American Short Stories 1989. Third, he published his final book of poetry, Imaginary Paintings. ” The novel starts with a Fourth of July celebration. Car salesman Hugh Welch and his family (wife, two daughters) are hosting Hugh’s astrophysicist sister, Dorsey, who has arrived with her new husband, Simon (an actor), and her deaf son, Noah.

Eakin, Emily. ” New York Times, September 4, 2003, pp. E1, E4. Ferguson, William. ” New York Times Book Review, October 21, 1990, p. 18. ) Fitzgerald, Carol Ann. ” Gettysburg Review 17, no. 1: 151– 157 (spring 2004). ) Gray, Paul. ” Time, September 14, 1987. Harmon, Josh. ” Sewanee Review 112, no. 3:456–463 (summer 2004). ) Kellman, Steven. ” Michigan Quarterly Review 43, no. 3:467–476 (summer 2004). ) Lee, Don. ” Ploughshares 25, nos. 2–3:210–217 (fall 1999). Livingood, Jeb. ” Hollins Critic 37, no.

The confluence of these forces has made her keenly aware of the ineffable; her struggle to discover pattern or to articulate an intuitive sense of order may come, in part, from such emphasis on the solitary and the ephemeral. Memory, for Bierds, is often hazy and insubstantial; she is more likely to recall the “feel” of a place or event than to re-experience its details or chronology. She attributes this in some measure to the lack of “story” in her childhood. This is a possible reason for the dearth of autobiography in her poems, though she also claims that she had so worked over her psyche in therapy sessions that she had no further interest in the self.

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