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No matter if you're employed with american citizens face-to-face, speak with them by means of cell or electronic mail, or have interaction jointly in a digital staff, americans at paintings unearths the delicate and the not-so-subtle features of yankee tradition within the office. find out about immediately speak, American type, and the way americans aren’t regularly as direct as they are saying they're. discover why americans are deeply conflicted approximately energy: they crave it yet hate to be stuck yearning it. See how americans view outsiders. achieve advice for succeeding within the American paintings surroundings. eventually, get the fundamentals of work-related etiquette: accomplishing conferences, giving suggestions, nonverbal conversation, electronic mail principles, presents, taboo issues etc.

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Everyone knew his or her place in the great chain, and the world worked because all citizens accepted their station and behaved accordingly. “God hath so disposed of mankinde,” an early Puritan preacher told his flock, “as in all times some must be rich some poore, some highe and eminent in power and dignitie, some meane and in subjeccion” (Countryman 1996, 14). People could no more change their station than they could suddenly sprout a third eye, and one’s duty in life was to keep the chain strong by fulfilling the responsibilities that came with his or her position.

No matter how successful that ad campaign was, there must be a way to make it better. “In America,” Stuart Miller has observed, “the doors of opportunity . . are supposedly open to all. Therefore, one is always inclined to question oneself and ask why one isn’t rich and famous, or more rich and famous” (1990, 62). By a curious alchemy, the mere possibility of having more or doing better becomes the necessity to continually top oneself. Hence the great, often-noted tension in the American workplace, especially in the private sector, where one of the greatest sins — and a sure prescription for disaster — is to be satisfied with one’s performance.

And in America, when you are no longer driven, you are not merely falling behind, you’re out of the race altogether. All this “drive” tends to make Americans hyperactive and impatient. There’s a certain frenetic energy about them, a kind of force field that surrounds them and makes it hard for them to slow down and relax, and a little tiring to be around. You may sometimes wonder whether you should breathe for Americans, since they obviously don’t have time to do it for themselves. Another manifestation of the opportunity ethos is the American attitude toward risk.

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