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By Mary Ellen Miller

Мифы, верования и культура древней Мезоамерики (майя, ацтеки, тольтеки)

»The Gods and emblems of old Mexico and the Maya» is the first-ever English-language dictionary
of Mesoamerican mythology and faith. approximately three hundred entries, from accession to yoke, describe the most gods
and symbols of the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Maya, Teotihuacanos, Mixtecs, Toltecs, and Aztecs.
Topics diversity from jaguar and jester gods to reptile eye and rubber, from construction debts and sacred locations
to ritual practices resembling bloodletting, confession, dance, and pilgrimage.

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Both this mythical event and the creation of the Bfth sun at Teotihuacan stress the importance of human sacriBce for world balance and survival. Following the fall of Tenochtitlan to the Spanish in 1521, Mesoamerican religion was rapidly transformed. Many of the more elaborate manifestations associated with the elite, such as hieroglyphic writing and iconography, virtually ceased to exist by the end of the 16th c. Native temples, sculptures, and books were systematically destroyed. The Spanish conquerors vigorously suppressed native religious ceremon­ ies, particularly those involving human sacriBce.

In th e ir id en tificatio n w ith the p o w erfu l, sacred arts o f curing and d iv in atio n , the aged ancestral couple m erges in to the o riginal p air o f m ale and fem ale creator gods. T h e Q uiche M a y a p o p o L v u H m entions a sim ilar p a ir of aged diviners w ho, although not described as the first hum ans, are re fe rre d to as grand­ parents. This aged p air, Xpiyacoc and his Macuilcuetzpalin, one of the Uve Ahuiateteo gods, Codex Borgia, p. 47. consort, X m ucane, play an active role in the creation o f people.

Forms of the 260-day and vague 365day calendar are still used in southeastern Mesoamerica. Ceremonies to ensure agricultural fertility are widely performed in Mesoamerica, and copa/ incense, Sowers, and prepared foods are among the offerings still presented to the gods and ancestors. Although this volume specifically concerns Preconquest Mesoamerican religion, it should be remembered that we are describing but the ancient origins and history of a still living and vibrant culture. Subject Index 1.

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