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When or is zero, the graph is a line parallel to the X-axis A B or to the y-aris respectively. Thus, the equation y 3 = gives a And the equation line parallel to the X-axis, and 3 units above it. AN INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICS 40 x 2 = gives a line parallel to the 7-axis, [CHAP. and 2 units to the VI right of that axis. Exercises and Problems Obtain the graphs of the following equations: 1. x 2y - 6 = 0. + Solution. Solve the equation for y, thus getting y = x 3 -. This expresses y as a function of x.

Cream, whole milk and skim milk powder. 73% solids. 100% solids. solids. solids. Solution. Let x y z = = = no. of no. of no. of pounds of cream, pounds of milk, pounds of skim milk powder. 063s 12, 10, 100. Or (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) + y = 376, 630z + S73y + 100002 = 84000, x + y + z = 77. 9370z + 91272/ = 686000, (3) - (2) 10s + y = 376. 74 pounds of milk. it from (4). SYSTEMS OP LINEAR EQUATIONS ART. 53 pounds of cream. 73 pounds of milk powder. 53) Suppose skim milk powder two unknowns which tions in (1) (2) (3) is not added.

This relation can not be AN INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICS 26 [CHAP. V Exercises 1. Does there exist a, functional relation Can tude and radius of base of a cylinder? by an 2. algebraic equation? What If so, what is among the volume, this relation alti- be expressed the equation? functional relation exists between the Fahrenheit and centigrade temperatures? 29. Formulas taken from geometry. Most of the formulas of mensuration are algebraic equations expressing functional relations. following is a list of useful common formulas: Area A of a rectangle of sides a and 6.

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