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The higher the probability the option will finish at a value of zero, the closer the slope will be to zero. The higher the probability the option will be exercised into a full underlying position, the closer the slope will be to one. 5. Suppose a slope of zero is associated with an out-of-the-money option and a slope of one with an in-the-money option. 5. 0. Delta as the Measure of Relative Risk of the Option to a Buying Position in the Underlying Market The third way one might evaluate the delta is to examine the relative risk of the option to an underlying position as the underlying price changes.

Because of the highly levered, limited loss gamble that exists during the last week before expiration, many option professionals have termed this period 'lottery time'. The Implications of the Lognormal Distribution The reader will recall that the Black and Scholes model assumes that markets are distributed in a lognormal distribution. To understand the implications of this, the game of roulette is a good way to explain the probabilistic features of time value. There are 38 numbers on (an American) roulette wheel.

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