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A suite of 7 lengthy articles, this publication discusses major tasks in scalable computing in a number of examine agencies world wide. It represents quantitative and qualitative progress of labor within the quarter.

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NetLatency is the time between the end of SourceLatency and the point when the receiving NI gets the last word of the packet. DestLatency is the time between the last word's arrival at the destination NI and the completion of the destination NI DMA into its host's memory. The one-way latency for one-word messages is about 18/xs and the maximum available bandwidth about 95 MBytes/s. The overhead for an asynchronous send operation is about 2//s. The basic feature of VMMC that we use in this work is the remote deposit capability.

The last column (MT) shows the percentage of the total SVM overhead time (including barrier, lock, and data wait time) spent in mprotect. despite the fact that the per-processor working set in the parallel execution is smaller than the uniprocessor working set in the sequential execution. For both F F T and Ocean, the increase is due to contention on the SMP memory bus caused by the misses from the four processors within each SMP node. This problem increases with problem size and with the number of processors used in each node.

Lock synchronization: Lock synchronization also benefits from wider nodes, achieving significant reductions in overhead with 8-processor nodes, and showing a moderate improvement at the 16-processor level. Local lock acquires and releases are very inexpensive in GeNIMA (equivalent to a few instructions). Wider nodes incur more local than remote acquires and all aspects of lock overhead are improved with 8-processor nodes. Barrier synchronization: In contrast to the gains observed in remote data access and lock synchronization, barrier performance is generally unchanged with 8-processor nodes.

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