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If the rape results in pregnancy, women may be psychologically traumatized and unable to have normal sexual or childbearing experience (S. Fisher, 1996). Fisher acknowledged the central importance that reproduction holds in the continued existence of the psychological identity and ethnic identity of a group. Women forced to bear the child of their aggressor suffer major physical, psychological and spiritual injury. McKay (1998) states that the long-term psychosocial effects of rape are hard to heal and are often ignored when postconflict communities focus on reconstruction.

In particular, promising procedures of Interactive Problem Solving (IPS) have been based on the work of John Burton (1969, 1979), who influenced Kelman further to develop some of the relevant methods. The informal problem-solving workshops (different aspects of which are discussed in chapters 9, 13 and 14) rest on assumptions that, in order to reverse escalatory conflictual social interaction, conflict resolution requires an expanded range of information processes and a broad view of the goals of negotiation.

G. relating to East–West power), though not economic interests as such, are associated with US intervention in Third World internal wars in the 1945–1989 period (Yoon, 1997). Decision-making in times of crisis does, moreover, tend to be influenced by domestic matters such as economic climate and the proximity of national elections (Wang, 1996; see also, Clark, 2001). Changes in the relative power of belligerent states constitute a strong predictor of war (Werner, 1999), though this depends to some extent on data measurement and analysis (de Soysa, Oneal and Park, 1997).

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