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By text by Nicholas Van der Bijl ; colour plates by Paul Hannon.

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Vincendon-Dumoulin and C. Desgraz, a French navy commissioner and hydrographic engineer, respectively, produced an important plan for developing French ports and naval bases in the Pacific (VincendonDumoulin and Desgraz 1844). [The islands] can extend France’s trade and assure her a good commercial position in the event that the archipelagoes of the South Seas take on any importance or if new commercial relations are established between China and America. The passage of ships through these archipelagoes assures these colonies precious resources; if ever the isthmus of Panama is canalized, the importance of our establishments as military bases will be great, and our colonists will be able to extract great advantages, even though Tahiti will profit only indirectly from the newly opened commercial routes.

2008). 29 henri hiro reconnects through the ancestral cord Henri Hiro (1944–1990) was a Ma‘ohi poet, orator, writer, dramatist, filmmaker, pastor, and political activist. He grew up on the island of Tahiti in a family that spoke only Tahitian, their mother tongue. 30 He learned that Ma‘ohi must listen to the land and the sea as the source of all physical and spiritual nourishment. Dan Taulapapa McMullin, a Samoan painter, writer, and filmmaker, noted that in all of Hiro’s poems, “We see his close relationship with the world around him in all its flourishing forms, as an artist, as a family man, and as a fisherman” (McMullin 2005, 344).

Most importantly, “They were also motivated to write by the threat of institutional forgetting, which is sponsored by the educational system of the colonial state and that encourages a lack of knowledge about being Ma‘ohi, the past, language, and culture. Their efforts were intended to acquire visibility, identity, and selfrespect” (Nicole 2001, 179). Language and land were at the core of the Ma‘ohi revival movement. Through language the revivalists attempted “to establish an initial dialogue not with the colonizer but with fellow Ma‘ohi” (Nicole 1999, 274).

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