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By Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins

The uncooked dossier layout utilized by electronic cameras is basically the uncooked facts digicam captures whilst it takes a photograph. uncooked documents let the electronic photographer to edit and control their pictures with much less information loss than in different dossier codecs (such as JPEG). there are various uncooked conversion instruments, and it's usually a good suggestion to exploit a couple of to get optimum results.

The Art of uncooked Conversion exhibits electronic photographers easy methods to paintings with the uncooked records generated through a digicam to supply the very best photograph caliber in complete images. The authors (both specialists in electronic images, dossier processing, printing, and colour administration) describe the conversion instruments used to augment uncooked documents and maximize picture caliber. All concepts lined are in accordance with sensible adventure and defined with step by step directions, in order that readers might be capable of practice what they research and create their very own tremendous art-quality images. Covers Adobe Photoshop CS and different major uncooked converters.

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Even if you intend your images for printing preparation, which requires CMYK , you should stick with RGB mode images whenever possible and resort to an RGB to CMYK conversion as the very last step (some additional sharpening and some slight increasing of saturation may be required afterwards for the final touchup). Working on photos in CMYK mode has some disadvantages: r Some photo filters won’t work in CMYK mode. r The CMYK color space usually has fewer colors than most RGB color spaces. Thus, when you convert from RGB to CMYK, you probably lose some colors, and there is no way to retrieve them should you want to later use your image for something such as lightjet printing (used by photo services to output your image on photographic paper) or a digital presentation using a monitor using RGB colors.

Digital SLRs allows you to measure the right WB (custom WB) at the time you photograph. This might be optimal, but is not always easy in the field (nature). Therefore, set the WB to “auto” for all cameras and adjust the WB later in the RAW converter. A preferred practice is to photograph a gray card (or even better, a Macbeth ColorChecker) in the same light as the following photos and use this shot later for the correct WB correction. Correcting WB (and color in general) can be very tricky, highly subjective and requires a lot of experience.

To make life interesting, profiles for different types of printing paper also vary significantly. Note: While some newer inkjet printers may vary little between individual printers of the same make and model, profiles should still be generated for each printer and its specific settings. 3 Profiling your monitor As stated before, an accurate monitor profile is the basis for serious color managed workflow. When calibrating your monitor, you have a choice of doing so by eye or with specialized hardware. When profiling your monitor, begin by turning it on and leaving it on for at least 30 minutes before beginning any calibration.

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