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By Parveen Adams

All the members addresses the theoretical questions through pursuing a distinct creative challenge, together with an in depth examine the relation among the picture and the item in Hitchcock's Vertigo, the sexual aesthetics of Caravaggio, the creative pen of Barthes, and the way Cronenberg's movie Crash services as a sinthome.

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The figure of Madeleine/Judy/ K i m Novak—that image—walks into the room/onto the screen. The image is uncontaminated by comprehension. Surrounded by an aura of light, green light that draws the figure from any ground, it is a fully realized apparition. The image is neither dead nor alive, for it is an image. Beyond the pleasure principle and short of the death drive, it belongs to another register: it appears and it fades. T h i s fatal flicker­ ing i n a w o r l d of projection and introjection finds its sublime tech­ nology in film.

F r o m the p o i n t o f v i e w o f J u d y , there is n o real difference between the c o i l o f hair a n d the jewels. H a v i n g assented to the suit, the shoes, the hair c o l o r , the c o i l o f hair, h a v i n g h a d to r e v e r t t o h e r p o r t r a y a l o f M a d e l e i n e , s h e m i g h t as w e l l complete the picture a n d wear M a d e l e i n e ' s jewels, those jewels i n ­ herited from Carlotta Valdes. But from the point of view o f Scottic, t h e r e i s e v e r y d i f f e r e n c e b e t w e e n t h e c o i l o f h a i r a n d the j e w e l s .

3 6 5 ] ) , its a w k w a r d i n t r u s i o n s onto the terrain of Geist, the "higher" sphere of the conceptual and semantic. T h u s A d o r n o s t r o n g l y approves of the way p s y c h o a n a l y s i s exposes the i m b r i c a t i o n of the somatic or p u l s i o n a l i n processes of artistic pro­ d u c t i o n — b u t o n l y i f it can be p u r g e d of F r e u d ' s simultaneous invocation of "higher aims," social esteem, and so on. The very meta­ p h o r of s u b l i m a t i o n , of course, w i t h its "spiritualizing" implications M E A N I N G O N TRIAL 35 (in chemistry, the term designates the v a p o r i z a t i o n of a s o l i d , its direct passage to a gas), perhaps carries w i t h it a certain ideological baggage; thus A d o r n o ' s rather strained attempts to substitute other terms for it ( i n Minima Moralia, he has to fall back rather lamely on "expression").

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