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They call it “putting out to pasture” but in reality, nursing homes for old monsters cost far more than most families can afford. Instead, pet monsters may recieve a year or so of grace, but after the kids pack off to college or the army, it is off to the glue factory for their pets. The black truck (or cart) comes, the attendant loads up the monster, and off it goes to the great beyond. Of course, only some parts are made into glue. Many consider old monsters too stringy for mealtime, but some gourmands appreciate the aged, flavourful taste of monster meat, and consider it quite the delicacy.

GMs can restrict starting membership to certain societies if they are villainonly clubs, or if they are goals that characters must aspire toward during the game. Here are three examples of societies: • THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPLICATED MONSTERS The Association for Complicated Monsters dedicates itself to advancing the arts, sciences and applications of monster technology. They like to think it is mandatory for any serious monster trainer to join their ranks. For a reasonable membership fee, they offer introductions to various gyms run by their members, hold quarterly conferences for trainers who want to discuss their particular monster interests, and distribute a slick, glossy periodical once a month.

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