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By R. Fani, M. Bazzicalupo, E. Gallori, L. Turbanti, M. Polsinelli (auth.), Prof. Dr. Walter Klingmüller (eds.)

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And Klingmüller, W. spirillum II: Genetics, Physiology, (19B3). In Azo- Ecology. W. ), Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, Experientia Supplementum 48, 39-46 4. , Haselkorn, R. and Elmerich, C. 5. (1982). -M. and Hennecke, H. (19B4). Mol. Gen. Genet. 196, 537-540 6. , Robinson, S. , Kranz, R. G. and Scolnik, P. A. (1985). In Nitrogen fixation and CO 2 Metabolism. P. W. Ludden and J. E. , pp 83-90 7. Adams, T. , McClung, C. R. and Chelm, B. K. (19B4). J. Bacteriol. 159, 857-862 8. Tarrand, J. , Krieg, N. and OÖbereiner, J.

16. Seolnik, P. and Haselkorn, R. (1984). Nature 307, 289-292. 17. Perroud, volume. K. and Elmerieh, C. (1985). This CO SM ID ClONING OF NITROGENASE STRUCTURAl GENES OF AZOSPIRIllUM lIPOFERUM Raimund Fahsold, Mahavir Singh and Walter Klingmüller lehrstuhl für Genetik, Universität Bayreuth Universitätstr. 30, D-8580 Bayreuth, FRG Summary: Cosmid gene libraries were established from two strains of Azospirillum lipoferum (ATCC 29708 and 29731). The clones carrying the nif structural genes (nifHDK) were isolated.

Co li or pneumoniae Gln- mutants. However, plasmid mutants which restored glutamine independent growth were obtained in E. co li strain ET8051, that carries a glnAntrBC deletion. The glutamine synthetase extraets. Key was words: also gene characterized bank in construction, E. coli glnA ET8051 gene, crude glutamine synthetase activity, nitrogen fixation control. Introduction A major progress in molecular genetics of Azospirillum can be achieved with the disponibility of a large collection of mutants and with the availability of a gene library of total DNA in a broad host range vector that allows the identification of cloned genes directly by complementation of Azospirillum mutants.

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